July 14, 2021 High impact investments: how does the Blue Economy stand out?

Marine life preservation is a sea of opportunities

What you missed

On the 14th, we had the webinar "Blue Economy" with Angelica Rotondaro, co-founder of Alimi Impact Ventures and Tatiana Zanardi, board member and manager of the Ocean Committee of the Climate Smart Institute, moderated by Frederic de Mariz and Eliza Pepper. In the conversation, among other topics, the urgency of protecting the oceans and the mechanisms to attack this urgency was addressed.

Some points covered:

  • Urge to protect oceans, which are the true "lung" of the planet.
  • Theme of waste (plastic in particular) refers to the need to consume less and better and develop circular economy.
  • There are mechanisms to attack this urgency, such as blue bonds.
  • Investors are increasingly attentive to ESG and water theme.

Smarter decisions about how we use and invest in nature for marine conservation and climate change adaptation will make a profound difference for the more than 2 billion people living in coastal regions.

Speakers: Angelica Rontadoro, Co-founder of Alimi Impact Ventures and Tatiana Zanardi, Sailor & Board Member at Climate-Smart Institute. Moderated by Frederic De Mariz Executive Director UBS BB and Eliza Pepper, Head Advisory & Sales WM LatAm