May 12, 2021 Fiagro: The New Fund For Investments in Brazilian Agribusiness

An alternative pathway to financing for the agribusiness sector

Live discussion

In a major milestone for Brazilian agribusiness, the Senate approved a new category of investment fund in Brazil called “Investment Funds in Agroindustrial Productive Chains”, nicknamed “Fiagro”. This new type of investment vehicle will operate like a Real Estate Investment Funds (FIIs) and will enable foreign investors, lenders, insurers, fintechs and family economic groups to structure investments, loans, collateral, and tax planning in the Brazilian agribusiness. Join us to learn more.

Speakers: José Henrique Longo and Fernanda Ferrari, partners of PLKC Advogados and Fernanda Trombini from Wealth Planner UBS Consenso.

Language: Portuguese

Webinar date: May 12, 6:00pm Brazil