January 27, 2021 Family governance structure: challenges and opportunities

Generally, family companies have challenges that go beyond corporate governance and concern only the business family, its evolution, interpersonal relationships and interaction with the business.

Family businesses represent 90% of existing companies in the country and are considered a fundamental pillar of the Brazilian economy. Still, they face challenges of a structural order such as succession, management of conflicts of interest, code of conduct and ethics, financial structuring and legacy. What are the opportunities and how to deal with these issues. Join Fernanda Trombini, Wealth Planner UBS Consenso, Renata Bernhoeft and Wagner Teixeira of Hoeft Consulting for this discussion

Speakers: Renata Bernhoeft e Wagner Teixeira da Hoeft Consultoria and Fernanda Trombini, Wealth Planner UBS Consenso

Language: Portuguese

Webinar date: January 27th, 6:00 – 7:00pm BRT