June 09, 2021 SFO webinar series: How to establish a family enterprise for the future

Event One of three: Family office governance and the future of the planet: understand this relationship

Corporate governance insights and strategies and how to build a sustainable investment portfolio

What you missed

On June 9th we had the first event of the series of three webinars aimed at Single Family Offices: How to organize family businesses for the future.  Our guests Mauro Costa and Aline Porto brought the complexity in understanding family business, the influence of individuals, relationships and systems. They brought the five rights of the owners as a way of perpetuation of family businesses – design, decide, value, inform and transfer.

The second part of the event, Liliane Lintz addressed long-term investment issues and focused on two recent UBS publications: The Future of Humans and the Future of Earth. Both publications focus on the great transformations that the world will live in specific sectors. Join us at our next webinar of the series, on August 25, which will focus on the Global Family Office Report 2021, economic scenario and alternative investments.