June 09, 2021 SFO webinar series: How to establish a family enterprise for the future

Event One of three: Family office governance and the future of the planet: understand this relationship

Corporate governance insights and strategies and how to build a sustainable investment portfolio

Live discussion

People working with the same goal to guarantee a prosperous future for the next generations. Seen from this perspective, the management of family offices is very similar to the efforts of environmental preservation. These companies have great resilience and demonstrate that they have been strengthened by the challenges of the pandemic, combining discipline and risk appetite in the right measure.

In this webinar, the first in a series on family offices, we will present our corporate governance handbook, with insights and tips. In the second part, we will address the report “The Future of the Earth”, in which we present ways of investing that also benefit the planet. As more investments include ESG criteria, this is a reality that needs to be understood. Join the conversation.

Speakers: Aline Porto, Partner of BanyanGlobal Family Business Advisors and Co-Chair of Insper's Family Business Platform, Liliane Lintz, Portfolio Manager at UBS Consenso and Mauro Costa Board member at holding PMV – Participações Morro Vermelho S.A.

Language: Portuguese