October 6, 2021 SFO Series: 3rd event - Cyberattack readiness and Endowment-style investing

Two current themes worth your attention

Live discussion

At the last event of our Single Family Offices series we will discuss to distinct but very current topics. The first topic will address the growing and very present cyberattack threat that emerged with the preponderance and transformation of the internet. Despite its benefits the cyberspace presents growing threats to businesses that have only been exacerbated by the pandemic. In the second topic, we will present the "endowment" investment concept that provides risk-adjusted returns by allocating a proportion of capital into alternative investment asset (AI) classes, in example, hedge funds, private equity, debt and real assets/properties. Join our conversation to learn more.

Speakers: Ken Gonzalez, Managing Director of NightDragon, an investment and consulting firm focused on the cybersecurity and privacy sector, Guilherme Ferraioli, Head of IPS UBS and Liliane Lintz, UBS Product Specialist.

Language: English