August 11, 2021 Fiagro: The New Fund For Investments in Brazilian Agribusiness

What are the investment options to finance one of the biggest sectors of the Brazilian economy?

What you missed

On August 11th, UBS presented the webinar “FIAGRO: The New Fund for Investments in Brazilian Agribusiness”, we addressed how to invest in one of the main sectors of the Brazilian economy, agriculture. FIAGRO was developed to make agricultural sector more attractive to investors, an investment fund whose objective is to offer any individual or legal person access to agribusiness investments.  Fernanda Ferrari and José Henrique Longo, partners at PLKC Law firm, presented the regulatory and tax aspects on the FIAGRO investment fund, and compared FIAGRO with other funds such as Real Estate Funds, Credit Rights Investment Fund and Equity Investment Fund. Additionally, was discussed the role of the FIAGRO investment fund in the context of the growing global interest in investments that adopt ESG practices (social, environmental and governance guidelines). The event was moderated by Fernanda Trombini, UBS Wealth Planner.

Speakers: José Henrique Longo and Fernanda Ferrari, partners at PLKC Law firm. Moderated by Fernanda Trombini Wealth Planner UBS Consenso.

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