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Hear from five founders in our 2018 class.

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Founders in our Project Entrepreneur program receive access to training, networks, and resources that help them build high-growth companies.

Since launching, the program has provided training to over 1600 female founders across the United States and alumnae have gone on to raise nearly $45M in seed and pre-seed funding.

Why is this important to us? We want to change the narrative for female founders who currently only receive 2% of venture capital. It's one of the ways UBS supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In this case, goal No.5 focused on gender equality.

Disrupting industries, fulfilling dreams

Hear from five founders in our 2017 class in conversation with female senior leaders at UBS

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The big day, the millennial way

What we're doing now is important to the future generation.
- Danielle Wen, Lace & Liberty CEO

Better living through tech

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Living stress-free through neuroscience

I took that block technology…so we can make it accessible for everyone.
- Vicky Mayo, The TouchPoint Solution CEO

Doing well by doing good

Repeat Roses CEO addresses UN SDG No. 12 with UBS's Rina Kupferschmid-Rojas

A sustainable solution to a widespread waste problem

I realized there was a solution there…so I added the sustainability element.
- Jennifer Grove, Repeat Roses CEO

Flawless meets fearless

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Shopping for beauty like you shop for food

I want to put power back into the hands of women.
- Tina Hedges, LOLI Beauty CEO

Zipping toward innovation

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Making life easier for millions with mobility issues

I thought: 'Why does this have to be so arduous? I can fix this.
- Bimla Picot, Reboundwear founder & CEO

Building a pipeline of female founders from coast to coast

UBS's Jamie Sears on working with Entrepreneurs


Having spent the past decade supporting Entrepreneurs, have you noticed any common traits among the most successful founders?

While no two Entrepreneurs or companies are the same, there are a few patterns I’ve seen over the years that also play out in Project Entrepreneur. I think a big part of their successes can be attributed to their ability to accept that they don’t have all the answers, and thus are not afraid to ask for help.

They understand that done is better than perfect in the early stages of their companies, and it’s more important to put out the best product possible and learn from mistakes along the way. Lastly, they refuse to be discouraged by the tough stuff; they’re persistent and have an incredible work ethic.


What’s the best advice you’ve learned that you’d like to pass along to female founders starting companies?

Be patient (and not complacent). Know that all of the successful Entrepreneurs that you read about and hear speak at events started where you are.

It’s easy for their founding stories to sound like overnight successes or sure things, but there were a lot of times when the outcome was not so clear.

So long as you are driving towards your goals, utilizing the network around you, and asking for support and advice when needed, you are doing all you can to actualize your business dreams.

Jamie Sears

Jamie Sears, Head of Community Affairs, Americas, at UBS, shares her advice for female founders

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