Our Specialization in Equity Compensation


The Silicon Valley Investment Group offers precise and personalized financial planning and wealth management services to Accenture's Managing Directors and senior leaders. Our deep understanding of equity compensation is the cornerstone of our tailored advisory approach, designed to align with your unique financial goals.

With over two decades of experience serving Accenture's leaders, we mirror your high service standards. Working with us, you are the client.

Our team, a carefully curated assembly of experts in financial planning, portfolio management, trusts, estates, retirement, insurance, and investments, work cohesively to help simplify your financial landscape.

We're here to strategize with you, helping manage tax obligations and unpredictable events or information shortfalls that may pose a risk to your financial stability.

With footholds in both Northern and Southern California and serving clients globally, the Silicon Valley Investment Group is your premier choice for equity compensation financial services.

We encourage you to reach out to our accomplished team or send us a direct message to start discussing your needs.