‘Forever Now’ site-specific installation by Dawn Ng

UBS Art Collection commissioned the Singaporean artist to create an immersive installation for the UBS Lounge at the inaugural ART SG

Time, memory and the ephemeral are concepts central to Dawn Ng’s practice. Her works poetically explore the passing of time with her unique sensibility and color palette. Based in Singapore, where there are no seasons to cue change and with its rapid pace of development and progress, the artist grapples with how time is understood.

Ng ruminated on the question of how to tell time beyond clocks. Seeking out another way to discern the passing of time, she discovered that ice was the ultimate material because it cannot last, transforming from solid, liquid to air. Fascinated by ice’s ephemerality, the artist freezes color pigments into large, layered blocks. She films the melting process from start to finish.

In an ode to time and its passing, Ng created ‘Forever Now’ an immersive, site-specific installation for the UBS Lounge at the inaugural edition of ART SG. Commissioned by the UBS Art Collection, the tunnel installation leads viewers to a mirror-reflected space and a time-lapse film capturing the monumental collapse of a massive block of frozen pigment. With a specially composed soundscape of water drops falling, it creates a darkened meditative space for viewers to experience time in a sensory overloaded art fair and bring them to an awareness of the now.

‘Forever Now’ is presented alongside a video, paintings and photographs by the Singaporean artist in the UBS Lounge.

UBS is Founder and Lead Partner of ART SG.