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How can sustainability be achieved in the art world? Recent findings from The Art Basel and UBS Survey of Global Collecting 2022 show that carbon footprint is one of the top concerns for collectors this year, and that a majority are willing to pay a premium for more sustainable options. But how can the art community as a whole - from galleries and art fairs to artists and collectors - help tackle the climate crisis?

In a recent talk at CHART Art Fair 2022, of which UBS is Key Partner, a panel of art leaders came together to find ways to put words into action.

Through her experience as Founding Member of the Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC), Victoria Siddall, Board Director of Frieze, opens with tangible advice– from understanding your carbon footprint to reducing waste. But “the strength really is in numbers” she says, “both in terms of supporting our industry, but also lobbying power.”

Claus Andersen, Founder of Andersen’s Contemporary, gives a plea to artists to be more concerned about how their galleries are working and ask that their work be shipped by more sustainable routes.

“I think collectors need to realise how much power they have in driving change” adds Christl Novakovic, CEO of UBS Europe SE and Head of Wealth Management Europe at UBS, moderator of the talk.

Focusing on sourcing locally, Nanna Hjortenberg, former Director, CHART Art Fair, shares how the fair has put into place more sustainable practices since they executed a report in 2019 highlighting opportunities for development.

Combining practical advice and examples of change already in action, the talk is an inspiring summary of how the art world can play its part in creating a better world.