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UBS launches extensive mobile banking services

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UBS clients who are on the go can now access information on their accounts and custody accounts, call up market information and use an iPhone App to perform tasks such as scanning in paying-in slips.

UBS clients can now choose from a wide range of mobile services that enable them to access details of their accounts and custody accounts in a simple, uncomplicated way as well as calling up market information. A key part of this new service is the launch of a free iPhone app that can be used, among other things, to scan in paying-in slips. UBS mobile services are available to all private clients resident in Switzerland who have access to UBS e-banking and/or UBS Quotes.

UBS continues to set high security standards. This means that all data transmitted in the applications mentioned above are anonymized. No account numbers and names are shown.

UBS mobile services functionalities

UBS Mobile Banking iPhone app
With this free application users can rapidly and easily view the latest movements on their accounts, custody accounts and portfolios (including position details) as well as any stock market and securities transactions. In addition, the app has an innovative function that allows clients to scan in paying-in slips and transmit them to UBS e-banking while they are on the go. The payments can be released and executed afterward on UBS e-banking.

UBS Mobile Quotes
Using their smartphones or tablet PCs, clients can access the latest news about what's happening in the markets as well as the prices of equities, bonds, derivatives, funds, currencies, precious metals and interest rates. They can also view virtual portfolios.

SMS text message enquiries
Clients can easily request specific information about their account and custody account movements as well as the latest information about individual financial instruments, exchange rates and indices by using the SMS text message function.

With this function the client can be notified via e-mail or text message, when, for example:

  • the account balance exceeds or falls below a certain amount;

  • a certain credit or debit is entered on the account;

  • payments cannot be executed; or

  • custody account positions, equity or bond prices exceed or fall below certain limits.

Further developments in UBS's online offering

UBS will continue to develop its online services on an ongoing basis in line with evolving client needs. At the same time, our professional and personal advisory services will remain a key focus at UBS.


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