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2H outlook: Stagflation, reflation, soft landing, or slump?

The big question now is what story will drive the market over the second half of the year: “Stagflation,” “reflation,” “soft landing,” or “slump”? And how will markets react?

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What to do by Maximillian Kunkel, Chief Investment Officer


The path to achieving this is narrow. If they underestimate the strength of the economy, we face an extended period of above target inflation. If they overestimate it, we face recession. And we can't know with great certainty which path we're on. 

Managing risk and positioning for the future by Maximillian Kunkel Chief Investment Officer


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has considerably broadened the range of possible outcomes for markets. Not only is the course of the war hard to predict given the wide range of variables, but the impact on the global economy and central bank policy is also difficult to pin down.

Positioning for the Year Ahead


Find out how to capture the investment opportunities that the year ahead—and the decade ahead—will present for family offices

Rising inflation expectations don’t herald stagflation by Maximillian Kunkel, Chief Investment Officer Global Family Office.


Rising energy prices and supply disruptions in various product and labor markets are lowering economic growth and raising inflation expectations. But the pandemic has shown that markets can look past challenging periods—provided they are not persistent.

Q4 market outlook: Navigating record highs by Maximillian Kunkel, Chief Investment Officer Global Family Office.


Our six key recommendations for the coming quarter.

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