4Q 2019 Quarterly Investment Forum Investing in the 2020s

Insights on asset allocation in the next decade, growth vs. value stocks, and the bull vs. bear case for the USD

07. Nov 2019

4Q 2019 Quarterly Investment Forum highlights

Investing in 2020

Insights on the most compelling investment opportunities of 2020.

Asset allocation in the 2020s

Over the next decade, we see major changes in the framework for economic policymaking. This will have major implications for investors.

Which will win in 2020: Growth or value?

Steve Magill, Head of European Value, and Albert Tsuei, Senior Investment Analyst, US Large Cap Growth, debate which will perform better in 2020: value or growth stocks.

USD: Bull or bear?

Jonathan Davies, Head of Currency Strategy, makes the bear case and Lionel Oster, Portfolio Manager, takes the bullish side in the debate on USD performance in 2020.