Conversion of foreign currencies / intercharge fee


Conversion of foreign currencies

Every UBS card is billed in a specific currency, for example, in Swiss francs. Transactions in other currencies are converted at the exchange rate offered at the time of the booking. The exchange rate includes a surcharge.

Interchange fee

For transactions with a UBS card, UBS as the card issuer can receive an interchange fee from the acquirer. Acquirers are companies that regulate the use of credit cards as payment methods at the points of acceptance (shops, hotels, restaurants etc.) on a contractual basis.

Among other things, the interchange fee covers the costs of UBS for handling transactions and the risks of granting credit – provided these are not already covered by prices or fees according to the lists or product factsheets. The amount of the fee corresponds to a fixed amount and/or a percentage of the transaction amount, which depends on various factors: the country in which the card is used, card product, type of transaction settlement etc.

The interchange fees in Switzerland for debit cards range from CHF 0.00 to a maximum of CHF 0.55. The interchange fees abroad are made up of a fixed (between EUR 0.05 and EUR 0.15) and a variable part (from 0.16% to 1.6%).

They are subject to change at any time.