How do I enter a standing order?

If you wish to make a regular payment or account transfer, it’s worth entering a standing order in e-banking or mobile banking.

Please note: existing direct debits for the payment of card bills will not be affected.

  1. Log on to e-banking.
  2. Go to “Transfer money and pay invoices”.
  3. Enter the account number/IBAN of the recipient.
  4. Under “Payment details”, select “Standing order” enter the additional information.
  5. Follow the instructions and complete the standing order.
  1. Log on to mobile banking.
  2. Go to “Payment” and enter payment.
  3. On the payments screen, toggle the “Standing order” slider to “On.”
  4. Set the validity, frequency and payment rules for your standing order. You can change these settings at any time.
  5. Click “Next” to set up the payment as a standing order.

Tip: Standing order for the 3a retirement savings account

Set up a standing order for regular payments to your 3a retirement account.
In E-Banking, go to “Payment to Fisca account > Standing order.” Select “Maximum amount per year” or enter your own amount in “Amount per execution.” If you chose a maximum amount per year, the order will be implemented according to the relevant periodicity.