How do I enter a standing order in e-banking?

If you wish to make a regular payment or account transfer, it’s worth entering a standing order in e-banking.

Entering a standing order

  1. Log on to e-banking.
  2. Go to “Payments > Payment > Enter payment”.
  3. Enter the account number/IBAN of the recipient.
  4. Under “Payment details”, select “Standing order” in the top-right corner and enter the additional information.
  5. Click on “next” to check and confirm your order.

Please note: existing direct debits for the payment of card bills will not be affected.

Tip: standing order for pillar 3a retirement savings account

You can also set up a standing order for regular payments to your pillar 3a retirement savings account. To do so, simply set up an account transfer under “Payments > Account transfer”.