UBS Investor Sentiment

Sustainability top of the agenda.

21 Oct 2021

Key findings

Sentiment | Overall sentiment slightly lower due to higher inflation concerns

Sustainability | Investors are planning to increase SI allocations in their portfolios

Opportunities | Growth in interest for alternative investments


Optimism on economic outlook slightly down amongst Brazilian investors ... (in %)

Top source of optimism …

... and concern

Market outlook

Brazilian investors optimistic about their portfolio returns … (in %)

… and are planning to further increase their equity allocation …

... but remain concerned about potential threats to their financial goals

Sustainable Investments

Brazilian investors optimistic about SI returns compared to traditional investments…


Top investment strategies for the next 6 months ...

... and long-term thematic investment ideas

Business owners    

Improving sustainability is a key priority amongst Brazilian business owners

About the survey

UBS surveyed 150 investors and 50 business owners in Brazil with at least $1M in investable assets (for investors) or at least $1M in annual revenue and at least one employee other than themselves (for business owners), from September 28 - October 13, 2021. For the 2Q21 results, UBS surveyed 150 investors and 50 business owners in Brazil, from June 23 - July 9, 2021.