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Episode 6: Market in Review – October 2022

Speaker: Tim Van Klaveren, Tom Nash and Ed O’Neill

In the latest episode of the UBS Fixed Income Podcast Series, we discuss how Australian bonds bounced in October led by the government curve, as the RBA downshifted to smaller 25bps rate hikes. We talk through why the RBA is leading the pack despite inflation that is unlikely to peak until next quarter. Listen now and find out why we are looking for opportunities to increase interest rate duration in our portfolios.

Episode 5: A September to remember

Speaker: Tim Van Klaveren, Tom Nash and Ed O’Neill

In Episode 5 of the UBS Fixed Income Podcast Series – Market in Review, we discuss the month of September as being a month to remember for central bank watchers as hawkish policy saw weakness across fixed income. We expected the RBA to slow the pace of rate hikes in the fourth quarter given the economy's debt load, and are encouraged that they seem to be singing from a similar hymnsheet… so far Australia is an exception.

Episode 4: Escape from zero rates

Speaker: Jeff Grow and Ed O’Neill

In this podcast episode, Portfolio Manager, Jeff Grow and Key Account Manager, Ed O’Neill deep-dive into a special topic titled ‘Escape from zero rates’. During the discussion, Jeff will unpack the regime shift we’ve seen in global central bank policy and what this means for Fixed Income markets. He’ll also discuss what the escape from zero rates means for bond investors moving forward, and the income and potential capital preservation opportunities we see given the dramatic back up in yields globally.

Episode 3: August in Review

Speaker: Tim Van Klaveren, Jeff Grow and Ed O’Neill

August was a month of many moving parts… The RBA hiked the cash rate by 50pbs in August and September, bringing the cash rate to 2.35%. Over August the market gave back some of July’s strong gains, with duration being the main culprit, credit spreads were also mildly positive.

Episode 2: Return of Bonds

Speaker: Tim Van Klaveren, Tom Nash and Ed O’Neill

Bonds are back. July saw the highest monthly return in Australian fixed income since 1998. As the Fixed Income team explain, this might seem counter-intuitive with inflation still yet to peak, the unemployment rate at its lowest in nearly 50 years.

Episode 1: Fixed Income markets

Speaker: Tim Van Klaveren, Ed O’Neill

An insightful discussion with Tim Van Klaveren, our Head of Australian Fixed Income and Ed O’Neill, National Account Manager who cover a range of topics and importantly, what this means for investors: inflation, The RBA, Interest rates and Credit.


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