Your insights into the latest developments

The UBS Chief Investment Office (CIO) was created in 2011 to communicate investment opportunities and market risks in order to help preserve and grow our clients’ wealth. The CIO has a global investment process that has produced strong and consistent investment results for clients during a volatile, post-crisis period. This process consolidates the expertise of more than 900 in-house analysts and external experts, and forms the foundation of the UBS House View - globally recognized for its comprehensive and effective investment insights. To keep you up-to-date but not overwhelmed, we deliver the UBS House View and our investment advice distilled and tailored to your personal circumstances.

CIO Year Ahead

The CIO Year Ahead frames 2014 in the context of a longer-term investment strategy. It will help you understand what to expect from the global economy and financial markets.

CIO Monthly Letter

The CIO Monthly Letter presents the latest version of the UBS Investment House View, assessing the impact of current economic trends on asset classes and portfolio allocation.

CIO Weekly

This weekly update helps you to stay on top of volatile markets, providing timely insights into the latest developments and their significance for your investments.