Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our new workplace at 9 Penang Road will show the way in our industry with our focus on sustainability not just in our business but also in the way we live and work here. We are the largest LEED Platinum project in South East Asia for interior offices. We are also a Green Mark Platinum certified building by Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority, which is a top of the line green standard locally.

In 2019, we signed a deal with local firm Sembcorp to use renewable energy in running our operations. In June 2020, we have started operating on 100% renewable energy in all our offices and operations.

UBS Singapore operates on 100% renewable energy since June 2020

UBS is Sembcorp's first renewable energy partner in financial services

This gives UBS exclusive rights to purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from Sembcorp, who has solar panel rooftop installations at the Changi Exhibition Centre

Living out sustainability

"Zero Waste" office

Continuously extend staff initiatives to reduce environmental footprint driven by a culture of individual ownership

Community Outreach

Further market how sustainability is part of UBS business and make an impact on local communities

Healthy & Sustainable Lifestyle

Aim to improve general well-being of employees and establish UBS as employer of choice

Sustainability at our core

9 Penang Road is one of the greenest buildings in the region certified with the Green Mark Platinum in Southeast Asia, as well as aiming for the LEED Platinum Certification

Renewable Energy

We are running on 100% locally-sourced renewable energy in a partnership with Sembcorp with more than 16,000 solar panels around Singapore.

Green Transport

Increased central accessibility and bicycle lots encourages the use of carbon-friendly transport options – together with electric vehicle charging stations for the future.

Edible Garden Farm

In a collaboration with NParks and EGC at Fort Canning, we are curating an urban farming education programme that is aligned to Singapore’s national “30 by 30” policy.

Zero Waste Culture

We are striving for a zero-waste future office with the removal of all individual bins, our recycling bins are a future design feature to recycle all that we consume.

Sustainable Finance

Doing well and doing good is what we believe in. We have committed to recommend sustainable investing over traditional investments, as well as co-founding the Singapore Green Finance Center.

We have been delivering on our commitment to a sustainable footprint


Acres of forests worth of carbon offsets from energy savings in 9PR (vs conventional construction)


Reduction in core Greenhouse Gas emissions since 2017


Decrease in paper consumption since 2017


Higher in energy efficiency index compared to national benchmark

Commute sustainably

Commute sustainably

Electric Vehicle (EV) Equipment
Electric vehicle charging stations available at 9PR to encourage clean and energy-efficient modes of transport.

Priority Parking for Carpool and Green Vehicles
Designate priority parking for gas-electric hybrid or pure 100% electric vehicles, and employees who carpool to the office.

Bicycle Parking
Double tier bicycle parking spaces are available and staff can refresh at shower facilities and lockers available for them.

Irrigate sustainably

Irrigate sustainably

NEWater for Landscape Irrigation and Cooling Tower Operations
We use NEWater for our non-essential operations

Water Savings
9 Penang Road will save at least 40% of water usage in comparison to LEED base calculations

Shine sustainably

Shine sustainably

Energy Saving Lights 

The usage of Light Emitting Diode (LED) luminaires allows energy savings of up to 40% in comparison to conventional fluorescent luminaires.

Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning System 

Our air conditioning system is designed to provide the most efficient performance to save energy holistically. 

Energy Star Certified 

We have up to 84% of equipment and appliance that are Energy Star certified and will play a vital role in reducing our office’s energy consumption.

Designed sustainably

Designed sustainably 

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Wood 

More than 50% of our wood products are sustainably and ethically procured from FSC certified sources, protecting the integrity of forest ecosystems.

Construction Waste Management

More than 95% of our construction waste is diverted from landfills and incineration plants to recycling facilities that will reduce our firm’s carbon footprint.

Regional and Recycled Material 

Our construction and finishing materials have higher recycled material content to reduce virgin resource use and also we prioritized locally sourced products to reduce our logistical carbon emissions.

Innovate sustainably

Innovate sustainably

UBS Edible Gardens

In a partnership with Edible Garden City and NParks, we will be creating an edible garden patch as part of our commitment towards education on food sustainability and collaboration with the community on local agricultural potential – aligned with Singapore’s “30 by 30” national plan.

Going Greener Together 

As part of our environmental education program, we created the Going Greener mobile application to connect all our staff globally in sustainability related activities, challenges and events.

Climate Change Strategy 

To minimize our impact on the environment, we have consistently improved and integrated innovation in our operations to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions across all infrastructure and supply chain controls. As a result, we have reduced more than 70% of our CO2 footprint since 2004.

The information provided on this site is accurate as of UBS Singapore's move to 9 Penang Road in November 2020.