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We’ve been offering exclusive financial advice to wealthy private clients and families for over 150 years. At WM APAC Switzerland, we want to provide our clients with a diverse global perspective from the heart of the international markets.

Whatever wealth means to you – now and in the future – we can help you achieve your goals for it in every area of your life.

Why Swiss banking?

Switzerland – the place where assets are well-managed, safe and accessible anytime.

Stable and predictable legal system

Access to European investment and M&A opportunities

Geopolitical and financial diversification

Asset protection


Strong global financial hub

Business-friendly tax environment

Connectivity and timezone advantages

Why choose UBS?

We’ve been offering exclusive financial advice to wealthy private clients and families for over 150 years. We know how important it is to respond quickly to market events in order to protect and grow your money. Our aim is to become a reliable partner who truly understands you, and who will be there for you long term. You need more than just a bank. You need a companion to help you through all of life's ups and downs.

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UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index 2021

The UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index analyses residential property prices in 25 major cities around the world. In this year’s edition, we discuss the housing markets of some of the cities on the list, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and its potential long-term adverse effects on urban housing.

UBS Investor Watch 2021

A century after the Spanish flu and World War I led to the “Roaring Twenties,” many pundits are forecasting a similar post-COVID environment. While that could happen eventually, our latest Investor Watch research shows that—for now—investors are focused on something deeper: a search for meaning, a sense of purpose and a desire to contribute more to the world around them.

Positioning for a post-pandemic world

As global COVID-19 infection rates drop, the world economy is set to bounce back. For investors, this will bring both opportunity and uncertainty. In this report, we detail a checklist to help prepare portfolios both tactically and strategically for the new market environment.

Billionaires Report 2020

The Billionaires Report draws upon UBS and PWC’s extensive networks, and aims to better understand the billionaire population globally. This year we have analyzed data covering 1,550 billionaires looking back over two decades. Our database includes 14 of the largest billionaire markets, which account for around 80% of global billionaire wealth.

Global Family Office Report 2020

This is the first of our annual in-house UBS reports on the activity of family offices. Our report focuses on 121 of the world’s largest single family offices, covering a total net worth of USD 142.4bn, with the individual families’ net worth averaging USD 1.6bn.

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