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All you need to know about who, where, what, when and how. 

Pair young female and male


  1. Apply online by submitting your latest CV and academic transcript.

  2. Register for the competition by clicking Register Now by 9 May, 12pm (AEST). Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis so please apply as soon as possible.

  3. Successful candidates will be invited to the program and to participate in our development day.

  4. Students will be allocated to teams to present on a case challenge during the 2nd week of the program. Teams will be given 1 week to prepare for their presentations.

  5. Presentations will be held at the UBS office (travel expenses for interstate teams will be covered by UBS). 

  6. Successful participants will be invited to take part in an early recruitment process for UBS’ 2024-25 Summer Internship Program.

Key dates 

Application closing date: Thursday, 9 May 2024, 12pm AEST.

Campus presentations: w/c 22 April 2024

Development day: 14 May

Group presentations: 22 May

Q & A

What is new about this year’s IB Development Challenge?

The challenge is a 2-week program designed to encourage students, from both finance and non-finance backgrounds, to engage with investment banking professionals at UBS.

The program consists of workshops, panels, and networking to help prepare students for presentations. In the second week of the program, students will work together to present a case study. If you perform well throughout the challenge, you’ll have the chance to participate in a formal mentor program from May until December. You’ll also be fast-tracked to an early recruitment process for our 2024-25 Summer Internship Program.

What if I don’t have a background in Finance?

At UBS we believe diversity of mindsets inspires creativity and innovation. With our IB Development Challenge, we’re invested in developing the next generation of talent and providing students from all degree backgrounds an insight into investment banking.

Regardless what you’re studying, we’ll guide you through the program and provide you with all the resources to help you succeed.

What happens after I submit my application form online?

Your application will be reviewed by our Human Resources and Global Banking team. Successful candidates will be invited to attend the IB Development Challenge.

How does UBS judge IB Development Challenge presentations?

Presentations will be judged by a panel of UBS bankers. All entries will be judged on team performance and individual merit. Submissions will be judged on a range of criteria and we will take into consideration your background and experiences.

What happens to our case studies after our presentations?

Case study responses will not be used for any other purpose outside of the UBS IB Development Challenge.

Who can enter the UBS Investment Banking Challenge?

All students in their penultimate year from across Australia will be eligible for the UBS IB Development Challenge.

UBS accepts entries from undergraduate, double-degree, and masters program students.

Summer Internship Program

All students participating in the IB Development Challenge will be considered for the 2024-25 UBS Summer Internship Program.

Participants will have the opportunity to be fast-tracked to an accelerated interview which may lead to receiving an early internship offer from UBS