O’Connor is a multi-strategy hedge fund manager sitting within UBS Asset Management, operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of UBS.


O’Connor’s business history dates back to 1977. O’Connor established itself as a global leader in trading various markets and derivatives instruments as both a private partnership and then within Swiss Bank Corp’s and subsequently UBS AG’s investment bank proprietary trading divisions. Over this time O’Connor has maintained its focus on relative value investing and focused risk management capabilities. As a result of its reputation with regards to its investment capabilities and risk management, O’Connor launched its first hedge fund vehicle for outside investors in June 2000.

O’Connor is a distinct investment area within UBS Asset Management, with complete independence in regards to investment decision-making. O’Connor has continuously evolved with the ever changing global investment markets providing attractive hedge fund investment products for clients. O’Connor’s capabilities comprise a wide range of investment programs with attractive risk-adjusted absolute returns, which generally have low correlation to most major asset classes and traditional investment benchmarks.

Global platform with investment professionals in six locations

We foster collaboration across teams and provide concrete incentives to share information with the goal of raising our collective intelligence. This collaboration between teams – versus isolating them – is a unique and defining characteristic of our approach. We also strive to bring in the best people from inside the industry and out, and retain them over long periods. The fact that the members of our senior management have been with the firm for an average of 18 years is truly indicative of the strength of O’Connor’s operational framework.

O’Connor is a multi-strategy hedge fund manager with dedicated teams running each of our strategies. We package our strategies to create a stream of returns that is relatively uncorrelated to major asset classes. We are also able to shift capital and risk dynamically across strategies to exploit investment opportunity sets we see in the market. Our approach is, and has always been, rooted in relative value investing and state-of-the-art risk management capabilities. We strive to provide investors with attractive risk-adjusted absolute return potential through our strategies, which generally possess low correlation to most major asset classes and traditional investment benchmarks, making them a compelling piece within an investor portfolio.

Fundamentally-driven investment processes with sophisticated risk management tools.