Global real estate

Global Real Estate is invested in over 1,800 properties spread over 27 countries and 17 currencies.

Global Real Estate

UBS Asset Management’s Global Real Estate (GRE) business has been investing in real estate for over 70 years, having launched its first real estate fund as early as 1943. Since then, the business has grown steadily, expanding the universe and scope of its real estate investments and adapting a truly diversified business model. GRE now manages real estate investments of approximately USD 73 billion1 globally and regionally within Asia Pacific, Europe and the US, making it one of the largest real estate managers worldwide and the market leader in Switzerland.

Delivering our global expertise to you on the ground.

GRE employs an experienced team of over 440 people worldwide, with strong finance and real estate backgrounds. We service over 3,000 professional and institutional clients worldwide.

Our direct capabilities are focused on core and valueadded strategies, but also include other strategies across the risk / return spectrum. These are offered on a global, regional and country basis and through open and closed-end private funds, REIT’s, customized investment structures, multi-manager funds, individually managed accounts and real estate securities.

The indirect business of GRE, the award-winning Global Multi-Managers (GMM), provides access to and management of unlisted real estate funds.

Direct investments

Our Global Real Estate (GRE) team believes that a well-conceived real estate investment program recognizes long-term economic and real estate trends, capitalizes on short-term pricing opportunities, efficiently uses diversification to minimize risk, manages each investment as an operating business, and sells assets on a timely basis to enhance performance. Our investment strategy is based on research that combines broad market and economic trends with property pricing and forecasts of future economic performance. The foundation of our investment philosophy is that we emphasize strong initial cash yields while seeking to add value through portfolio composition, innovative acquisition strategies, accretive asset management initiatives and a timely sales process.

We focus our efforts on the selection and management of institutional properties with existing or well-defined potential income streams, rather than attempting to time possible price changes. We believe this income growth approach, as compared to a pricing adjustment approach, leads to lower return volatility and excellent long-term performance. Our experience has demonstrated that lower highs and higher lows can lead to better cumulative results.

In a similar vein to value equity investors, fundamental analysis is the foundation of our process. This investment style is less reliant on timing and pricing than growth styles. Our investment process starts with our mission of seeking superior risk-adjusted returns, recognizing that risk is only acceptable when compensated by the market. Thus, key fundamental measures of occupancy and rental growth, along with incremental supply and demand, drive our decisions.

Global Multi-Managers (GMM)

As the indirect business of GRE, GMM provides clients with bespoke portfolios invested in unlisted real estate funds. Investments can be drawn from global, regional or domestic markets and can be positioned across the risk-return spectrum. We believe that local presence is essential in order to manage the client relationship, and also from an investment perspective to obtain the best access to local managers and to fully understand regional real estate market dynamics. GMM believes that geographic allocation is the principal alpha generator when investing in unlisted real estate. Consequently, the portfolio construction process places a strong emphasis on country allocation in order to drive returns.