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UBS launches UBS Europe SE

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UBS is announcing today that it has combined most of its Wealth Management businesses in Europe into one legal entity, UBS Europe SE. The new European subsidiary is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany and will operate in European markets through a network of branches. The choice of a societas Europaea as the corporate structure for the entity provides UBS with strategic flexibility.

Zurich/Basel, 1 December 2016 – By merging its subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, Luxembourg (which already includes the branches in Austria, Denmark and Sweden), the Netherlands and Spain into one legal entity, UBS has taken an important step to simplify its governance structure and increase operational efficiency across its European operations. This move allows UBS to more effectively invest in its European wealth management business and enhance the offerings and services it provides to clients in these important markets.

UBS Europe SE will be led by a management board whose members are: Birgit Dietl-Benzin, Chief Risk Officer, Fabio Innocenzi, Market Representative (Wealth Management), René Mottas, Market Representative (Wealth Management), Andreas Przewloka, Chief Operating Officer, Thomas Rodermann, Market Representative (Wealth Management), Stefan Winter, Market Representative (Investment Bank). Thomas Rodermann, who has headed UBS's German business for the past two years, will assume the role of spokesman of the UBS Europe SE Management Board. The UBS Europe SE Supervisory Board will be chaired by Roland Koch, who has been Chairman of UBS Deutschland AG since 2011. The Market Representatives will lead the branches in their respective country.


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