UBS Arts Forum

Stephan Balkenhol’s Turm, presented by UBS Arts Forum

Stephan Balkenhol, Turm, 2008: Figures, cast-bronze, each approx.150cm, painted, Photo by Werner Kamphausen, Wolfsberg

The UBS Arts Forum is the ultimate client experience of contemporary art with internationally recognized authorities from all fields of the contemporary art scene, e.g. artists, art institutions und art market. Topics covered have been e.g.: "Collecting Art. The Art of Collecting", "Changing China: New Perspectives on Contemporary Art", "Art Houses, Art Structures, Art Institutions", "Global Players: Stakeholders in the Art World". Other topics covered have been e.g. "How Near is the Middle East?" or "Making of: The Chinese Lives of Uli Sigg".

Ai Weiwei, Matt Mullican, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Francesca von Habsburg, Yuko Hasegawa and many others have contributed to this program series. Panel discussions, lectures and workshops account for a lively communication and open dialogue which make the program unique. The UBS Arts Forum is held in different locations around the world including Wolfsberg and Seepark in Switzerland, Frankfurt, Kassel, New York, Venice, Hong Kong and Singapore.