Securities-backed financing

Securities-backed financing allows you to monetize your existing assets, so you enjoy greater flexibility. You can make investments and exploit market opportunities without selling your assets; these serve to secure your financing.

Securities-backed financing

Do you need occasional or temporary financing without any interruption to your long-term investment strategies? Do you wish to finance the exercising of stock options and possibly hedge yourself against a fall? Are you forced to demand a liability guarantee upon the sale of a business?

A Lombard loan, guaranteed by assets deposited in our books, may meet these needs. We ascribe a value in advance to each type of asset based on its characteristics (liquidity, volatility, etc.), which corresponds to the maximum amount that we can lend.

Advantage of a Lombard credit

  • Rapid implementation
  • Flexible use and competitive terms
  • You retain all rights to your income and voting rights
  • You can continue to exploit arbitrages within your assets

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