The library

Much more than a place for books

The interior of the building was completely redesigned between 1972 and 1975. The narrow room, which is mainly clad in wood with an open view of the roof beams, was furbished with a gallery on three sides. It can be reached using the neo-Gothic spiral staircase. Until 1975, this  stairway was used to access the upper floor of the château. The iron tower clock on the west wall also comes from the château and was constructed in 1540 by Laurentius Liechti (†1545), the founder of the Winterthur Liechti clockmaking dynasty. The clock dial is located on the outer wall. On the west flank is a fountain adorned with a large shell, the symbol of St. James and pilgrims.

Until the start of the internet era, the library served as an information center with the latest publications from the fields of leadership, management, banking, business, art, culture, and politics. Today, it houses publications and exhibition catalogs from the fields of art and architecture.

Literature: This text is largely based on the Swiss Art Guide of the Society for Art History in Switzerland GSK (, published in collaboration with Wolfsberg: Cornelia Stäheli, Château Wolfsberg near Ermatingen, 3rd, updated edition, Bern 2013.