First step Plan your assets, mold your future

To UBS, planning is the first step to accomplish.

Our focus is to understand our client's needs today and, most important, understand where they want to be in the future. During this process we analyze personal aspects, possible lifestyle changes, revenues and expenses, assets and liabilities and retirement, all so we can have a systemic outlook of your goals.

Based on our analysis, we can show you how to be prepared for the future. Planning allows us to anticipate events, explore opportunities and optimize resources, using personalized solutions developed to take under consideration all the aspects of your personal life.

UBS offers you access to specialist and a wide range of products and services in Wealth Planning, which includes private pension and private investment funds solutions, relocation of assets and succession planning.

Meeting your expectations

Lifecycle Management

  • New business development
  • Pre and post liquidity events orientation
  • Coordinated and monitored development during accumulation phases
  • Equity succession advising

Equity Structuring

  • Tributary efficiency solutions
  • Potential family conflicts prevention
  • Equity transfer or transmission
  • Use of fiduciary structures as a way to fit specific succession planning situations

Risks and Regulation

  • Current rules' changes monitoring
  • Structures review
  • Private pension personalized solutions
  • Wealth protection

Specific Advising

  • Family companies succession related solutions
  • Advisory support on art-related  matters
  • Social Responsibility