Investing successfully

You want to optimize your investments. UBS is here to help whatever your needs and preferences may be - discretionary management, advice or execution.

Investing successfully

At UBS, we apply a clear and structured investment process to create a portfolio tailored to your financial needs.

Investment Process
    1. Your risk profile
How much risk are you prepared to take on and how much are you able to bear and what return targets do you have?
      4. Portfolio construction
Our portfolio specialists select the most suitable investment instruments. We can even create instruments exclusively for you where appropriate.
    2. Strategic asset allocation
We determine the portfolio that will offer you the best possible returns for your risk profile over the long term.
      5. Portfolio implementation
We implement the investment decisions quickly and bundle orders together so that you benefit from attractive terms.
    3. Tactical asset allocation
We keep constant tabs on the markets in order to exploit short-term and medium-term opportunities on your behalf. To do this, we deviate from the long-term strategic asset allocation in a targeted manner.
      6. Portfolio monitoring
Your portfolio is continually analyzed and monitored, which not only ensures transparency but also lays the foundation for your future investment success.


The process starts with the evaluation of your risk profile, which serves as the basis for our ongoing investment process. From there, we work closely with you to strategically allocate your assets, i.e., the general objectives of your portfolio from a long-term perspective. If you agree with our recommendations, then we will create your portfolio based on the strategic allocation of your assets, and the implementation of tactical decisions that allow you to take advantage of market opportunities. With our open architecture, you can be certain that you will have access to the best investment options.

Since financial markets are dynamic, we monitor your portfolio to ensure that your investment solutions stay on the right path. We know that your family, business and financial situation evolve over time. This process will therefore be repeated regularly to ensure that your investment solutions match your needs.