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Women and Investing: Voices from MENA

What financial challenges and opportunities do women face in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)?

Women and investing have been our global focus for a decade. Our new report shines a spotlight on the opportunities we see in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

A third of the world’s total investable private wealth is now in women’s hands, their wealth is growing faster than that of men and female investors are projected to increase this share to 35% by 2025. We see a trend towards female empowerment with women wanting and taking control of their finances, and a move to support these efforts with information and education about financing and investing, especially with a trusted advisor.

Hear from some of our voices in MENA

Potrait of tamara abdel jaber

Tamara Abdel-Jaber

Partner, Amam Ventures

“Private female investors are innovative, community-centered individuals who use business strategies to address social issues.”

Potrait of sana kapadia

Sana Kapadia

Director of Strategy, 2X Global

“Gender-smart finance is about creating greater shared value and ripples of positive change in society.“

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Nadine Mezher

CMO, Co-Founder, Sarwa

“We, as a region, have a lot to offer on a global stage. In rapidly changing macroeconomics, it’s inspiring to be involved in discussions”

Our Women and Investing Voices from MENA report

In this Women and wealth report UBS, in collaboration with Women in Business Arabia and others, explores the regional trends across MENA that impact women in business, their investment experience, female education and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Potrait of young muslim woman

Download the report to find more regional insights on:

  • Female perspectives on business and investing
  • Community, family, and culture
  • Possibilities for female entrepreneurs and female founders
  • Accelerating women’s economic mobilization
  • The way forward for women and wealth in MENA

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