Transfers of securities to UBS

Here's a quick guide for our partners on how to transfer securities to UBS on behalf of our mutual clients.

Submitting a request on behalf of your client

If you intend to transfer securities to UBS on behalf of your client, please first reach out to us with the following details of the transfer:

  • Information about the designated recipient at UBS (such as the custody account number and the name of the account holder)
  • Information about the to-be-transferred assets (such as their International Security Identification Numbers and quantities)
  • Your Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI) 

We will then get back to you in order to align the executional coordinate of the transfer (such as Trade Date, Value Date, standard settlement details). 

Feel free to reach out to us in connection with a security transfer

Please consider

  • Certain assets may not be transferable to UBS (such as illiquid assets, low-priced-securities or proprietary mutual funds).
  • Transaction taxes such as the UK Stamp Duty or the French Financial Transaction Tax may apply to certain security transfers and require a follow-up with the client, which puts the transfer on hold.
  • It is common practice to coordinate preliminary and align upfront on the details of these types or transfers. Please note that a unilateral and uncoordinated «dumping» of securities may lead to avoidable frictions, delays, and reconciliation efforts.