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In today's uncertain world, investors face new challenges every day. Answers can be hard to find. You need an experienced partner who understands your challenges and offers the right solutions for you.

For more than 30 years, UBS Asset Management (Americas), Inc. has been delivering a broad array of investment solutions to solve some of the largest and most complex investment challenges around the globe. Our dedicated and experienced investment team uses a continuous and unbiased client-centric approach that leverages the depth and breadth of UBS's global investment resources to identify and solve your specific challenges.

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In the current low growth, low inflation, low yield environment, the concept of the equilibrium rate of interest is becoming increasingly important. We believe there has been a structural downward shift in the equilibrium rate.

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Lower for longer: The impact of sluggish inflation of expected returns

As market volatility, liquidity issues and low yields challenge investment returns, investors also need to consider whether and how inflation will affect their portfolios.

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Risk aware investment

Integrating risk management into the investment process can improve the choice and sizing of positions in a multi-asset portfolio.

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