Passive investing

Delivering first class solutions

With over 30 years' experience in managing passive assets, we offer you the expertise to manage passive portfolios across asset classes including equities, fixed income and commodities against both regional and global benchmarks. By adopting a rigorous, rules driven approach to the portfolio construction process, we can balance your risk and transaction costs.

Delivering the best of our capabilities to you 

Traditional index funds

Our traditional index funds aim to deliver the return of the underlying benchmark with very low tracking error by controlling risk and maximizing value.

Customized passive investment portfolios

If you require a more bespoke approach, we can tailor a portfolio solution linked to a broad range of benchmarks, from mainstream regional and global indices to highly customized solutions, all supported by our leading edge proprietary technology.

Finding the answers you need – our investment approach

We believe passive investing requires manager skill, experience and technology to achieve the best performance possible whilst closely tracking the underlying benchmark. We seek to construct a portfolio that delivers the return of that benchmark with very low tracking error by controlling risk and minimizing costs.

Controlling risk

  • The Index and Portfolio Solutions investment process utilizes a full replication approach, holding all constituents where benchmark composition and size allow.
  • Portfolios are managed on our state of the art proprietary indexation and risk systems.

Minimizing cost

We seek to:

  • Minimize trading costs.
  • Avoid price distortions caused by index changes.
  • Implement active corporate governance.