What is RSS?

RSS means "Really Simple Syndication". This technology enables the visitors of a web site to subscribe to content and news of their personal interest.

Using an RSS reader application you can display the news feeds on your PC, mobile or PDA. RSS readers are often integrated into web browsers, but can also be downloaded free of charge from several web sites. The RSS reader application displays a brief desciption of all news in a feed. The user then has the option to link to the full version of an article.

By subscribing to an RSS feed on the UBS web site you automatically receive the most recent news and press releases for your topic of interest. You can subscribe to as many RSS feeds as you wish, completely free of charge. Evidently, you can also view all contents and news on the www.ubs.com web site.

If you do not have an RSS reader just type the phrase 'RSS reader' in one of the standard search engines and you will find the respective software.