Terms and Conditions for Investment Business

The information displayed on this website concerns investment services and activities provided and performed by UBS Investment Bank (UBS-IB) entities for Professional Clients and where relevant, Eligible Counterparties. UBS-IB does not deal directly with Retail Clients and the information on this website is not suitable or relevant to such clients.

On this website you will find information on UBS-IB's standard terms for investment business (UBS-IB entities in the UK only) and its order execution policy (UBS-IB entities in the European Economic Area (EEA) only).

Standard Terms of Business


Below you will find UBS-IB's standard terms for investment business together with various product descriptions and risk warnings. In addition, we have included certain disclosures for our FX Barrier Options clients. This information is relevant to services and activities provided to Professional Clients and Eligible Counterparties by UBS-IB entities located in the UK only.

MiFID Order Execution Policy

Set out below are details of our MiFID Order Handling and Execution Policy. Since the introduction of the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), UBS-IB is required to put in place an Order Execution Policy and to take all reasonable steps to obtain the best possible result ("best execution") on behalf of its Professional Clients either when executing client Orders or receiving and transmitting Orders for execution. UBS-IB is also required to provide appropriate information to its Professional Clients on its MiFID Order Handling and Execution Policy.

The purpose of the documents appended below is to provide Clients with information on UBS-IB's MiFID Order Handling and Execution Policy and to obtain their consent to such policy. UBS-IB's MiFID Order Handling and Execution Policy applies only to Professional Clients and to Financial Instruments as defined in MiFID.

The information on this website may be subject to change at any time and nothing on this website should be construed as a solicitation to engage in any investment activity in any jurisdiction.