Group Executive Board

Under the leadership of the Group Chief Executive Officer (Group CEO), the Group Executive Board (GEB) has executive management responsibility for the UBS Group and its business. It assumes overall responsibility for the development of the UBS Group and business division strategies and the implementation of the approved strategies.

All GEB members (with the exception of the Group CEO) are proposed by the Group CEO. The appointments are approved by the BoD.

The authorities of the GEB are defined in the Organization regulations.

Sergio P. Ermotti

Sergio P. Ermotti was appointed Group Chief Executive Officer in November 2011. 

Markus U. Diethelm

Markus U. Diethelm was appointed Group General Counsel of UBS and became a member of the GEB in September 2008.

Lukas Gähwiler

Lukas Gähwiler became a member of the GEB and was appointed CEO of UBS Switzerland in April 2010.

Ulrich Körner

Ulrich Körner became CEO Global Asset Management in January 2014. Additionally he has been CEO of UBS Group Europe, Middle East and Africa since December 2011. He became a member of the GEB in April 2009 and was Group Chief Operating Officer from 2009 to 2013.

Philip J. Lofts

Philip J. Lofts became a GEB member in 2008, and was re-appointed as Group Chief Risk Officer in December 2011 after serving in the same role from 2008 to 2010.

Robert J. McCann

Robert J. McCann was appointed CEO of Wealth Management Americas and became a member of the GEB in October 2009.

Tom Naratil

Tom Naratil was appointed Group Chief Financial Officer (Group CFO) and became a member of the GEB in June 2011. In addition to this role he was appointed Group Chief Operating Officer in January 2014.  

Andrea Orcel

Andrea Orcel was appointed CEO of the Investment Bank in November 2012.

Chi-Won Yoon

Chi-Won Yoon is the CEO of UBS Group Asia Pacific and has been a member of the GEB since June 2009.

Jürg Zeltner

Jürg Zeltner became a member of the GEB in February 2009 and is CEO of UBS Wealth Management.