Online Services

E-banking solutions

With UBS e-banking, you can execute your banking transactions conveniently via the Internet at any time. No matter if it's account or asset information, payments or stock market transactions, you stay fully up to date with your finances and spending at every hour of the day. You also benefit from a wide range of services including e-documents, e-billing, BESR-e-list, mailbox, transfer of payment files and connection to external software programs, all of which makes your banking transactions simpler.

The balance preview gives you better insight into the future movements on your cash accounts, while the credit limits function gives you a permanent overview of your credit products, credit limits and the amount still available to you. They help you with cash management and enable you to plan any necessary actions early.

For holders of a company credit card: The UBS Cards Online Portal gives you convenient access at any time to all information concerning your UBS Credit Card or Prepaid Card so you can always keep your spending under control.

For main-account holders: The UBS Commercial Cards Online Portal gives you access to all your employees credit card transactions, so you can review them, check the credit available on the main account and individual cards and order additional services.

Free offline payment entry software for Windows users.

Using the "Forex transactions" function through UBS Online Services, you can be a player on the world's foreign exchange market and respond flexibly to what happens on it. It offers you spot, forward and swap transactions in the usually traded currencies. Further information is available from your client advisor.

The UBS Trade Finance Access service provides you with electronic data transfer for all your trade finance requirements. With this tool, you can order anything from the wide range of Trade Finance products.

Mobile solutions

Give your customers a simple and secure way of paying by card that's also good value. The card reader works with smartphones or tablets that have the SumUp app for it.
Delivery expected by May 2014.

You get to see your account balances, with credits, debits and booking details, at a glance. With the paying-in slip scanner and payment assistant, you can enter payments with ease and you can now authorize payments approved by your countersignatory too.

Notifications by SMS or e-mail and SMS queries enable you to keep an overview of your transactions and finances even when you're on the move.

Specialized online services

Using this direct connection, independent asset managers can download up-to-date asset data and issue stock market orders at any time.

Your integrated solution for modern electronic banking: UBS KeyDirect offers you direct communication between your accounting or cash management application and UBS.

This innovative e-product, based on the international SWIFT standard, helps corporate clients do business at their convenience from any available PC.

KeyTrader takes you right into the trading room at UBS Investment Bank, so you can place orders directly on over 50 markets around the world from your PC, through your host or your own ordering system.

UBS PortfolioLink Web is a high-performing portfolio information system that you can use to access your portfolio data at any time and from anywhere.