Unlimited options with UBS Mobile Banking.

Would you like to have access to your accounts and custody accounts while on the go? Would you like to be informed about incoming payments or call up the current rates for financial instruments? That's possible around the clock with UBS Mobile Banking.

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The bank that's always with you.

UBS Mobile Banking lets you carry out your banking transactions whenever you have time. And it keeps you informed. Your benefits at a glance:

  • Mobile Banking app: Access asset and credit card information, transfer money easily and conveniently, consult market data with UBS Quotes and trade securities
  • Notifications: Account movements and credit card transactions via SMS or e-mail
  • SMS inquiries: specific inquiries about account movements and credit card transactions or market data


Security standards

The Mobile Banking app offers you the same level of security as e-banking.

  • To log in, you need the protected access data on your Access Card and your PIN
  • To access the app conveniently when on the move, you can now use the Access Card Display in practical credit card format with an integrated keypad or the Access Card NFC for wireless exchange of access data.


Executing payments is now even easier.

  • The personal payment assistant recognizes payment recipients on record as soon as you have typed the first three letters or numbers
  • Payment slips can be scanned easily and payments executed directly using the camera on your smartphone
  • Account transfers or payments to your credit and prepaid cards can also be carried out within seconds
  • Payment slips can be scanned easily and payments executed directly using the camera on your smartphone.

NEW: Now you can also check and approve e-bills when on the move.


Personal financial assistant – see where your money goes

Now you'll have an even clearer overview – and closer control of your assets, even when on the move.

The personal financial assistant helps you to analyze your expenses, even when on the move. Non-allocated expenses can easily be assigned to the corresponding category – straight after your purchase. What's more, you can keep a constant overview of your budget and your saving goals wherever you are.

Cards and notifications

The Mobile Banking app gives you information about:

  • Your card transactions
  • The amount still available for the current month
  • Your most recent invoice

Notifications via SMS or e-mail keep you constantly up to date about the events you have configured, for instance debits to your credit and prepaid cards.

Accounts, custody accounts and portfolios

It's possible with the Mobile Banking app.

  • Check credits, debits and the balance of your accounts, including all the booking details
  • See the market value and development of your assets at a glance
  • Monitor the progress of your investment portfolio. If necessary, you can buy or sell securities directly

Quotes and trading

Keep your finger on the pulse of the international financial markets wherever you are. Quotes offers you the following functions:

  • Information on the development of the financial markets and details of specific financial instruments
  • Set up and manage virtual portfolios
  • Research information
  • Buy and sell securities

Mobile Banking app

1) Download the app

The Mobile Banking app with countless additional functions is available as a free download for iOS and Android.

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Web app via Internet browser

UBS Mobile Banking is available as a mobile Web App for a wide selection of smartphones (including Windows Phone and BlackBerry).

2) Activate the app in e-banking

The app can be set up and activated in UBS e-banking under "Settings > Mobile Services > Mobile Banking."

To allow mobile access to all your UBS Credit Card and Prepaid Card data, you need to activate this additional function in UBS e-banking under "Cards."

If you don't yet have access to UBS e-banking:

We would be happy to send you the relevant contract documents. Please enter the necessary application information via the following link.

For corporate clients

Now you can even approve partially approved payments. If you have an individual power of disposal for e-banking, you can directly activate Mobile Banking. Otherwise, before activating you will have to apply for the corresponding access authorization from your client advisor.

Advice and contact

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