UK conservative party loses majority How will the UK election impact your financial future?

UK Election

With over 580 of the 650 seats declared, Theresa May’s election gamble has backfired as the UK is heading toward a hung parliament. At this stage, our CIO Wealth Management Research team believes that the Conservatives, as the largest party, will look to form a minority government. Theresa May’s future as Prime Minister will no doubt come into question. And further uncertainty will come from questions about how long the new parliament can survive.

The unexpected outcome of the UK election increases the threat of future volatility for the markets. There are lessons to be learned and insights to be gained that can help you position your portfolio for a changing world and investment opportunities ahead.

CIO Wealth Management Research outlines more important perspectives in its latest edition of UBS CIO Notes (PDF, 211 KB) and UK Economy (PDF, 604 KB).

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