Promoting energy independence, reforming education and growing the private sector

A presidential conversation on creating sustainable economic growth

Against a backdrop of strong market gains and signs of a sustainable recovery, investors remain optimistic, but are still concerned about underlying economic issues, including the national debt, politics in Washington, global competitiveness and rising healthcare costs. UBS is committed to addressing the country’s most pressing issues with some of the most distinguished leaders of our day. President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush spoke with Bob McCann, CEO of UBS Group Americas, in Revitalizing America: The Road to Sustainable Growth.  

Bob McCann began the conversation with a quote from Ronald Reagan: "The challenge of statesmanship is to have the vision, the dream of a better, safer world, and the courage, the persistence, and the patience to turn that dream into a reality."

He then led a broad-ranging, hour-long discussion between the former presidents on education, energy, resolving our immigration policy and the importance of private sector job growth. Toward the end, they also spoke about foreign policy. 

“We need to set a goal with policy makers on how fast to grow the private sector. That ought to be the laser focus of all policy makers,” said President Bush as he enumerated his view on what should be the top near-term social and economic priorities in the U.S. “You can't fix the (nation’s) balance sheet unless the private sector grows.”

“Texas produces 25% of its electricity from wind on a good day,” said President Clinton. “Germany last week produced 75% of its electricity from the sun. This is in a country where the sun shines on average as much as it does in London.“

The engaging and serious discussion was also peppered with humor. President Bush offered an anecdote about how Russian President Vladimir Putin compared, unfavorably, the relative sizes of the First Family’s Scottish Terrier and his own hound.

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