Worry less about your retirement with confidence in a plan

Retirement planning

You've worked hard and carefully invested to ensure that you'll live life on your terms in retirement, but how can you be sure it will be the same retirement you had always envisioned?

With global markets becoming more volatile and slower growth expected, even high net worth investors are concerned today about having enough to retire. More than ever, investors like you need trusted advice and a sound plan.

Whether it’s saving for retirement, transitioning to retirement or living in retirement, a UBS Financial Advisor, can help give you more peace of mind through a financial plan that is able to adapt and adjust to remain on track as economic events and your life change.

Saving for retirement
As investors continue to face fear and uncertainty about the future, the most common questions about saving for retirement include:

  • Am I saving enough to retire?
  • Will my assets last through retirement?
  • How do I repair my personal balance sheet?
  • How do I recapture the wealth I have lost?
  • How can I help protect myself from future losses?

These are all valid questions, but finding the answers may not always be so easy. With the right advice and sound strategies, you can have more confidence you will remain on track to saving for your retirement needs. A UBS Financial Advisor can have a conversation with you and help you develop a plan to move forward.

Transitioning to retirement
After spending a career accumulating assets, it’s important to determine if they will be sufficient to generate enough income for the lifestyle you want, keep pace with inflation, meet unforeseen healthcare costs and withstand downturns in the financial markets. Making the transition to retirement requires a different set of strategies than saving for retirement.

For instance, you may need to revisit your asset allocation and overall goals. A financial plan provides a disciplined, dynamic framework for meeting the multiple challenges that lie ahead. It can also uncover specific strategies that may help you allocate your portfolio assets as you draw closer to, or spend your early years in, retirement.

Living in retirement
In a volatile, uncertain economy, living in retirement has become one of investors’ biggest challenges. With asset values that can fluctuate, and without a reliable stream of income, many retirees find it difficult to stay retired in their current lifestyle or have the peace of mind that they won’t outlive their assets.

Working with a UBS Financial Advisor, you can create a plan to address your fears by planning prudently. Gain strategies that preserve capital, diversify your portfolio and reallocate your assets as your life needs and circumstances change. With a UBS Financial Advisor, you can have more confidence in your ability to live the life you want in retirement.

For more insight into how you can have more confidence with a sound retirement plan across all of life’s stages, we invite you to connect with a UBS Financial Advisor.