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What will dominate in 4Q: global risks or efforts to stimulate global economies?

Although domestic and global risks are still present, recent actions of central bankers have played a more important role in determining the outcome for markets. In a contest that has pitted risk vs. “reflation”—fiscal or monetary policy steps intended to boost economic activity—reflation has so far prevailed.

Against this backdrop, UBS Wealth Management Research–Americas (WMR) advises investors to be selective, recommends a largely neutral tactical allocation to global equities and suggests investors reach for the potential yield advantage and possible capital gains in corporate bonds instead of aggressively pursuing equities. 

The elections and your investments

The second issue of Election Watch 2012 in the series of four explores the major leadership changes in the U.S. and around the world, and connects the dots to what it means for investors.

Download the full report (PDF, 455 KB)

The third issue of Election
Watch 2012
explores the impact of the elections on markets and the economy as well as offers guidance on positioning your portfolio depending on alternate
Election Day outcomes. Download the full report (PDF, 1 MB)

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Delivering a wide range of insights from the best minds in the investment community, Exchange gives a comprehensive perspective on critical market and investment issues. Here, WMR’s Kurt Reiman leads a discussion with investment and political thought leaders on the election’s likely economic, fiscal and foreign policy impact for investors.