Are you trusting your health to the right person?

Every year, roughly 12 million adults are misdiagnosed in the U.S.* The result? Many patients sacrifice quality of life or even suffer serious harm—unnecessarily. Fortunately, knowing your options and making fully informed decisions about treatment can lead to significantly better outcomes.

Listen to a replay of our special call with Dr. Miles Varn, Chief Medical Officer of PinnacleCare, who will show you why it’s important to:

  • Consider going beyond your general physician to get a second opinion (or more) from the right specialist
  • Understand that a diagnosis may not be definitive
  • Know your full range of treatment options and the risk/reward benefits for each

David McWilliams, Head of UBS Wealth Management Transformation, will lead the discussion.

About our speaker series:

Making smarter medical decisions” is part of a special series dedicated to keeping you informed about issues that affect your investing and your life. We invite you to join the conversation live every month to get timely information that can help you make better decisions.

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