A short call about living longer Living better: How to plan for a longer life

A trek across Atacama. Skydiving on your 80th. A dance with your great grandchild. Go ahead, add a few more things to your bucket list, because we're all living longer than ever before. The challenge is how to remain active and healthy to fill all those years with great experiences.

Listen to a lively discussion with Dr. Dan Carlin, CEO and Founder of WorldClinic. Using anecdotes and case studies from his life as a physician, Dr. Carlin gives practical information—not only for a longer life, but also a richer one. Topics include:

·  The opportunities and challenges of living longer
·  What successful longevity looks like and how to plan for it
·  Your DNA determines your personal factors—what you can do to prepare
·  A guide to protecting yourself wherever you are in the world—particularly for those with a wanderlust

David McWilliams, Head of UBS Wealth Management Transformation, lead the discussion with Dr. Carlin.

About our speaker series

Living better: How to plan for a longer life is part of a special series dedicated to keeping you informed about issues that affect your investing and your life. We invite you to join the conversation live every month for timely information that can help you make better decisions.

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