Prepare for potential private sector growth and more expansive monetary policy

Mike Ryan
Chief Investment Strategist, UBS Wealth Management Americas
Regional Chief Investment Officer for Wealth Management U.S.

Mike Ryan outlines the broad economic shifts and financial trends expected to play out in 2013, including the profound role that central banks may play—in the U.S. and around the world—in charting the global economic course this year. In addition to an anticipated easing and expansion of monetary policy, he expects drivers of robust sustained private sector expansion to reemerge. Ryan also recommends several key strategies you might want to consider incorporating into your own portfolio moving forward. For more in-depth analysis, read the latest reports from the newly integrated Chief Investment Office and Wealth Management Research (CIO/WMR) groups.

Read the 2-page summary: 2013 The Year Ahead (PDF, 860 KB)

Read the full report: CIO WMR Year Ahead (PDF, 1 MB)

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