Instant Message Disclaimer

All Instant Messages ("IMs") sent between you and your UBS Financial Services Inc.'s Private Wealth Management Financial Advisor ("FA") Team are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • IM SYSTEMS ARE NOT OWNED OR MAINTAINED BY UBS - UBS has no control over and takes no responsibility for the performance or non-performance of any non-UBS IM system. You assume the entire risk of any use of such a system.
  • IM MESSAGES ARE RECORDED - UBS records and retains all IM messages.
  • BUDDY NAMES - UBS assumes no liability for confirming the accuracy or validity of any buddy names used by you to communicate via any IM system.
  • SECURITY OF IM MESSAGES - Instant messages transmitted over a non-UBS IM system and network cannot be guaranteed to be secure, confidential or error-free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, modified, or arrive late or incomplete. If you send UBS, or request that a FA Team member send to you, confidential information by IM you understand and acknowledge that:
    • IMs will not be sent in a secured or encrypted manner and therefore may be read by anyone with access to your IM and/or Buddy Name.
    • IMs can travel through an assortment of servers belonging to third parties and therefore may be intercepted and viewed by unauthorized third parties before they reach their destination.
    • IMs can be inadvertently misdirected or forwarded to unintended third parties, and all recipients of such a communication are not necessarily visible or discernible.
    • IMs can be falsified, creating the impression that the communication is coming from someone other than the person sending it.

ORDER TAKING VIA IM SYSTEMS - UBS will not accept any instructions transmitted via any IM system, such as trading orders, revocations of orders, or trading authorizations.