Why Retirement Plan Consulting Services? The difference matters

As a defined contribution plan sponsor you have the opportunity to use the services of a Retirement Plan
Consultant to support your plan. Given the continuing change and complexity you face in managing your
responsibilities, it’s important to understand your options so you can make the decision that’s right for
you, your company and your participants. The following summary should help.

Retirement Plan Consultants*

Your current Financial Advisor

Retirement plan consulting services are delivered by UBS Retirement Plan Consultants who are knowledgeable and experienced in advising retirement plan sponsors. Retirement Plan Consultants generally obtain educational credentials and have experience in servicing retirement plans. They also have the knowledge and access to information that can help plan sponsors better understand and adapt to today’s changing retirement plan landscape.

Does your current financial advisor specialize in providing services to retirement plans? Does your advisor have experience servicing other retirement plan sponsors like you?

With retirement plan consulting, comprehensive retirement plan services are available. From helping you manage plan fiduciary responsibilities to maximizing the benefits of your plan for employees, Retirement Plan Consultants can offer a compelling service model designed to address the wide-ranging needs of retirement plan sponsors.

Consulting services can include:

  • Reviewing and benchmarking your plan fees
  • Helping you develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and investment selection and review process
  • Making specific investment recommendations
  • Identifying additional plan feature enhancements
  • Managing your relationship with your recordkeeper
  • Providing fiduciary education to plan sponsors and financial education to plan participants

Does your current financial advisor deliver services beyond basic guidance on plan investments as well as periodic financial education to employees?

Retirement Plan Consultants have experience delivering investment advice as ERISA** fiduciaries. In addition to providing specific recommendations on your plan’s investment menu, they review your investments on an ongoing basis and advise you when an investment option should be replaced based on your plan’s IPS.

How much experience does your financial advisor have with providing investment advice as an ERISA fiduciary?

In a Retirement Plan Consulting arrangement all services and fees are provided to you directly in writing. Plan services and fees are disclosed in writing within a consulting services agreement, including the naming of an ERISA fiduciary, so as a plan sponsor you know exactly what you’re paying for. This approach assists you in performing your fiduciary responsibility to evaluate service providers and their fees.

Has your financial advisor explained how they are compensated and disclosed their services and fees in writing?