Individualized attention and customized solutions to strengthen your organization.

The world of investing has never been more complex. Whether you are charged with successfully managing a corporate pension fund, endowment or foundation, the challenges you face are unique to your organization.

We offer hands-on guidance from an experienced, dedicated team that utilizes the vast resources and strong financial background of a global financial leader. We provide sophisticated custom advisory services, disciplined manager search and advanced technological support on your behalf.

The technology and resources of UBS, coupled with our access to proprietary research and third-party partnerships, enable us to provide you with a full array of sophisticated modeling and portfolio evaluation tools, manager search databases, and innovative investment and reporting solutions:

Investment policy development

Your Investment Policy Statement is a critical document that serves as a roadmap for all plan investment activity. It establishes risk/reward targets, articulates any portfolio constraints, and states your process for identifying and selecting investment vehicles, asset allocation strategies and performance benchmarks. Our team can work closely with you to help you develop a formal policy that reflects your objectives and risk requirements, while setting parameters for investment selection and evaluation.

Asset allocation modeling

Central to your investment policy is your plan asset allocation that should serve as a reflection of your investment philosophy. In addition to assessing your risk tolerance and return objectives, we employ proprietary capital market assumptions and economic outlooks, along with sophisticated portfolio optimization models, to compare risk, return and correlations across major and alternative asset classes. From this exhaustive analysis, we create an allocation that takes into account both prevailing conditions and your investment policy criteria.

Investment manager and strategy identification

Implementing your customized asset allocation begins with a thorough review of your current managers and how they are performing versus peers and appropriate asset class benchmarks. When needed, we conduct an extensive search for replacements that meet rigorous quantitative and qualitative criteria, including performance in various market conditions, style adherence, assets under management, fees, and organizational depth and stability.

Portfolio evaluation and review

Portfolio evaluation is a critical component of investment strategy oversight. We assess the results of your portfolio on an ongoing basis, as well as the contribution that each manager makes to performance—both relative and absolute. When managers are found lacking, replacements will be suggested. In addition, we will review and make recommendations for portfolio rebalancing if necessary, to conform to your original allocation.

Spending policy analysis

Foundations and endowments require strict policies when it comes to spending. We can analyze existing spending policies and recommend policy changes to adhere to pre-defined guidelines.

Identification of custodial services

We can assist you with identifying your custodial needs, and with searching and selecting custodial services.

Our fiduciary role

We know the importance you place on fiduciary responsibilities, and we understand the challenges you face. We acknowledge our fiduciary responsibility in writing with respect to the investment advice we provide, and help you develop an investment process consistent with fiduciary standards.

Consulting services are delivered through our Institutional Consulting program.