Helping administrators manage entire participant plans, all with one tool

Our Web Administration tool easily provides 24/7 access1 to all plan and participant data from anywhere you need it. By leveraging the Internet, it gives corporate equity compensation plan administrators a user-friendly, primary record-keeping option if you choose not to maintain a database in-house.

This tool can also assist you in customization efforts through the Custom Report Wizard, creating custom-designed stock benefit plans to answer both unique business questions and basic inquiries. Capabilities include full data grouping, filtering and sorting. Increasingly time-preseed administrators will also appreciate centralized execution. Designed to supplement our existing personalized administrative support, this unique web-based administration tool provides a convenient central point of contact for plan administration.

Additional features include:

  • timely plan information and a summary of key stock benefit plan activities
  • direct access to participant profile information
  • plan status and activity reports with multiple sorting capabilities
  • online submission of requests for database updates
  • robust user-entitlement structure to customize user functionality
  • standard and customized report capabilities with many data-filtering options
  • report scheduling that allows users to set up reports to run on a periodic basis and publish the reports to designated individuals.

For more on how our Web Administration tool can enhance your business, connect with a UBS representative at 866-706-2727 (M-F, 9:00am-5:00pm ET) or email us at with your name, title, company and contact information.