Evaluating your needs to find the right plan for your business

Every business has its own specific expectations for what an effective retirement plan should be. Our consultative and collaborative approach can help you determine what's right for yours.

If you are looking to establish a plan, we can help understand and evaluate your business needs, and assess the various types of retirement plan programs that may be appropriate for you. If you already have a program in place, we can determine its effectiveness in providing a valuable and competitive benefit for your employees.

In collaboration with you, we can explore the different programs that are available through UBS, which include mutual fund, group annuity and collective trust programs. These programs can offer investments on their own or investments bundled with other services, such as participant recordkeeping, trust services and plan administration.

After selecting the retirement plan program that suits your business, we can work with you from the initial design of the program through its setup and administration. To ensure your program is set up correctly and runs smoothly, we conduct enrollment meetings and provide ongoing communications, as well as educational materials for your employees on key retirement topics.

To meet the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code, we can provide you with a written prototype plan document, through our partnership with Ascensus, which can help you avoid the expense of a custom-drafter plan document.  These prototype documents are regularly updated with any changes required by law.

If you decide to transfer your retirement plan program from one plan provider to another, we can help facilitate the transition to make it as smooth as possible. We also collaborate with you to identify and select investment alternatives to address the needs and objectives of your program.

In addition, we provide you with a sample written Investment Policy Statement. This can help measure the progress of your plan, manage plan investments, and act as a baseline for ongoing investment performance review.

For more on how we can help you develop the most outstanding qualified retirement plan, connect with a UBS Financial Advisor or find a UBS Financial Advisor